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Hello! I'm Jacob, Elevation Editing's founder and only editor. Here is what you should know about me:

  • I have over 10 years of editing experience in a wide variety of areas, including significant work with academic, business, personal, medical, legal, and literary documents. You name it—I've edited it.

  • My background also includes extensive work in education (which comes in handy when editing college application essays). Indeed, I've chosen all of my jobs—and my career—based on my overarching desire to help others. I started Elevation Editing so that I could directly help people by elevating the quality of their documents.

  • I have a multidisciplinary degree from a top technical university, with a focus on the interaction between the arts and the sciences, so I am comfortable with any subject matter—even highly technical journal articles and theses/dissertations.

  • I am proficient in numerous style guides, including all of Elevation's standard styles; in particular, I am an expert in APA (which is probably the most commonly used style today). I am also happy to apply nonstandard styles. Learn more about the Styled Editing service.

My editing philosophy is based on what I call the "Six C's" (read more about them here):

  1. Correctness: I first ensure that every document is 100% grammatically correct. If a document has a style guide, I also make sure that the guide is accurately applied.

  2. Clarity: Next, I make sure that the meaning of the text is clear by removing vague pronouns, applying precise word choices, and addressing ambiguous sentence structures.

  3. Conciseness: After that, I ensure that the text uses as few words as possible by replacing wordy phrases and eliminating redundancy.

  4. Consistency: I then focus on ensuring that the spelling (e.g., US vs. UK English), punctuation (e.g., serial commas), and usage are consistent across the document.

  5. Commenting: Next, I make sure to leave plenty of helpful comments. These comments include suggestions for resolving ambiguity, improving flow, and varying language or sentence structure. I also explain any changes that may not be obvious.

  6. Customization: Finally, I apply any specific requests (within the scope of the chosen service) so that the document meets the customer's specific needs.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! You can also check out my FAQ.

Jacob from Elevation Editing in front of the Rocky Mountains
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