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Proofreading and editing for grammar, punctuation, usage, clarity, conciseness, sentence structure, and flow

Style Guide

Editing to your chosen style guide, including formatting and references/citations


Making sure that your text sounds like it was written by a native speaker, even if you aren't one


Changing, adding, and subtracting content to maximize the effectiveness of your text


App. Essay

Ensuring that your college or grad-school application essay projects the right image 


Reviewing your résumé or CV for grammar, formatting, and organization, with suggestions to increase its impact


Ensuring that your thesis or dissertation is consistent, clear, well-organized, and properly formatted


Doing whatever you need to make your document the best it can be

Basic Editing

Regardless of the type of document, Elevation's Basic Editing service will ensure that your document has correct spelling, precise word usage, and impeccable grammar. This service also includes editing to reduce wordiness and redundancy, improve sentence structure, and maximize clarity. You'll also receive helpful comments on issues such as ambiguity, consistency, and flow of ideas. The base rate for the Basic Editing service is 1500 words per hour, but this is modified based on what other services you add.

All of Elevation's services include Basic Editing.


Styled Editing

Many types of documents require style guides, and Elevation's Styled Editing services ensure that your document exactly matches the criteria of your style guide. Elevation's standard styles include the most common style guides for school papers (MLA), academic journal articles (APA and AMA), books (Chicago), and press releases (AP).

The Styled Editing Service can be added on to any other document at one of two levels: Light and Heavy. Light Styled Editing includes editing the text and citations, plus up to 5 reference entries, but it does not include formatting; it adds 20% more time to your order. If your document requires specific formatting (as is often the case for APA documents, for instance) or has a significant reference list, then Heavy Styled Editing is the way to go; it adds 40% more time to your order.

This service can be used for documents that must follow a specific nonstandard style guide or template; an extra half-hour of service will be added to your bill (after any percentage increases are applied). You'll also have to provide a link to the style guide.


ESL/EFL Editing

Around the world, more people speak English as a second language (ESL) or foreign language (EFL) than speak it natively. Elevation's ESL/EFL Editing service is perfect for these people. With a focus on fluency, this service ensures that your text reads more smoothly and contains only proper idiomatic English.

This service can be added on to any other document at one of two levels: Light and Heavy. Just as with styled documents, the Light ESL/EFL Editing service adds 20% more time to your order, and the Heavy ESL/EFL Editing service adds 40% more time. You will need to submit your document for evaluation to confirm the proper level of editing.


Content Creation/Editing

If you need more substantive changes than are provided in the Basic Editing service, then Elevation's Content Creation and Content Editing services may be right for you. If you have already written a document but need substantial changes (such as rephrasing or  reorganization) and/or more detailed feedback, then Content Editing is a good choice. If you need to turn an outline into fleshed-out text, then Content Creation is ideal. Content Editing starts at a base rate of 1000 words per hour, and Content Creation starts at a base rate of 500 words per hour.

Important Note: For ethical reasons, the Content services can only be applied for documents that are meant for personal or organizational use. If you will be graded or otherwise judged based on the content of a work, then Elevation Editing will refuse to edit or create the content of that work. Restricted document types include school assignments, theses/dissertations, journal articles, application essays, and cover letters.


Application Essay Help

If you are applying to college or grad school and are worried about providing the best possible first impression for your essays, send Elevation Editing your practice essays. As an add-on to the Basic Editing service, the Application Essay Help service includes a response in which the editor provides detailed suggestions for how to improve your essay so that it will stand out to the institutions' application reviewers.


Résumé/CV Help

Searching for a new job is one of the most stressful experiences in anyone's life, and Elevation Editing is here to provide you with the confidence that you need to find your dream job. The Résumé/CV Help service (which is an add-on to the Basic Editing service) ensures that your document has attractive and consistent formatting, presents a strongly positive viewpoint, and communicates your skills and experience in a clear and detailed manner. It also includes a response in which the editor provides suggestions on how to improve your document so that it will stand out to hiring managers.

The Résumé/CV Help service adds 45 minutes to your order.


Thesis/Dissertation Help

Your thesis or dissertation is likely the most important document that you will ever complete. For that reason, the Basic Editing and Styled Editing services may not be sufficient. The Thesis/Dissertation Help service includes a response in which the editor comments on the document's organization, consistency, and overall impact. This response seeks to answer questions such as the following: 

  • How well-supported is your thesis statement?

  • Are the findings presented in a clear and convincing manner?

  • Do the conclusions follow from the presented data?

  • Is the document well-structured so that ideas flow logically?

  • Should any sections be added or expanded to better cover a topic—or removed to eliminate redundancy?


The Thesis/Dissertation Help service adds between 30 minutes and 2 hours to your order, depending on the length and complexity of your paper. Ask for a quote to see how much additional time will be needed.


Custom Services

If your document has specific needs beyond the services offered above, do not despair! Simply contact Elevation Editing for a quote and describe what you need. Provided that the services you need are doable in the given time frame and do not violate the company's policies, Elevation will work with you to provide a custom service at a reasonable price. Potential custom services include the creation of tables or graphs, basic fact-checking, and transcription.

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