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Elevation Editing: Top-Quality Editing Services: Academic, Business, ESL/EFL
  • Fast, reliable, & affordable editing from an experienced professional

  • More than just proofreading—Elevating your clarity, flow, & style

  • All subjects, types of writing, & skill levels

  • Special services for dissertations & résumés

  • Extra help for nonnative English speakers

Satisfaction guaranteed

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My standard rate is $36 per hour.

I edit as fast as 1500 words per hour: $0.0240/word at my standard rate. However, special services (e.g., ESL/EFL or style-guide editing) take more time. This can increase the cost per word.
(The hourly rate stays the same.)

My rate is higher for rush services:

  • $50/hour within 24 hours

  • $42/hour within 48 hours.

I offer a 10% discount for bulk services (20+ hours of work), whether for one large document or many smaller ones.

The minimum charge is $9 (=15 minutes).

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Hi, I'm Jacob

As the founder of Elevation Editing, I take pride in my ability to help every document reach its full potential. I have over 10 years of experience, including extensive work with dissertations & theses, journal articles, application essays, résumés, blogs, website & marketing copy, and both nonfiction & fiction books. I'm highly skilled at interpreting even the most complex ideas (in all subjects), even when written by nonnative English speakers.
Learn more about me on the About Jacob page. 
About Jacob


All services include Basic Editing to elevate your grammar, usage, clarity, conciseness, and flow. I use Track Changes so that you know exactly what I have done, and I always provide lots of helpful comments.

I also offer services to suit all types of documents:

Style Guide Editing

ESL/EFL Editing

Content Editing

Thesis/Dissertation Help

Application Essay Help

Résumé/CV Help

Custom Services


Here's what satisfied customers are saying about Jacob and Elevation Editing:

Jacob doesn't just find errors—he improves the work while he does it. Every document I've sent him has come back with thoughtful comments that make it better. Money well spent!
I was lucky to find Jacob and to get his support. Jacob’s contribution to the process was beyond amazing. He helped me format my thesis for the graduate department and made sure it matched ASA style (including references). He caught the little things that added up to make a big impact, and he made sure to explain the corrections. His work was done with precision and accuracy. He elevated my research so every detail could be understood. Due to Jacob’s support, I felt confident and accomplished going into my defense, and I successfully completed my program! 

Denver Clients

Elevation Editing is a proud Colorado company. For more information on how Elevation Editing helps Denver-area customers, see the Local Page.

Denver Cliets
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