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On-Time Guarantee


On-Time Guarantee

I negotiate the exact due date and time before starting each project. Note that, although I do my best to accommodate clients' needs, I may not be to complete a document in a given time frame. If I do not have time, I will let you know before starting work.


Documents are completed as soon as possible and may be available before the selected due date; however, documents are only guaranteed to be available by the promised time on the due date. If a document is completed late, I will add a 10% discount to the invoice for each day that it is late.

  • For instance, if I complete 4 hours of work on a document at my standard rate ($36/hour), but I return it 1 day late, the final price will be $129.60, not $144.


If a document is significantly late, Elevation may, at its discretion, provide a larger discount and/or a coupon for a discount on a future service.​ If you have strict time requirements for a document, please say so when you submit the document; Elevation will do its best to return documents early in such cases (though this is not guaranteed).

Please note that a document is considered "completed" when a notification is sent to the user via email or other means—not when the user actually pays for or downloads the document. See the Pricing & Payment section below.


Quality Guarantee

Elevation Editing guarantees your satisfaction with the services that it performs, as outlined in the user agreement. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of your service or simply have questions about an edit, please request a formal review via email; be sure to list the document's invoice number and your concerns about the edit. Elevation will do its best to alleviate your concerns and fix any errors  (within the scope of the chosen services). 


Please allow 3 days for each review, and please note that a review must be submitted within 30 days of the document's completion. If a document is found to have multiple significant errors in grammar or style (note that this does not include subjective issues or accidental changes in meaning), Elevation will offer a coupon for free service as a gesture of goodwill.

Please note that Elevation guarantees satisfaction only with the selected services for a given document. For instance, it does not guarantee that the content of a document will be accurate or appropriate (except for the Content Editing and Content Creation services). Elevation also does not guarantee that your document will achieve the desired results; the edited documents will not necessarily increase sales, ensure that an application is accepted, be chosen for publication, help secure an interview, or achieve any other goal.

In addition, Elevation is not liable for any errors that occur due to changes made by the user or a third party, even if those changes are made on Elevation's recommendation. This guarantee covers only the tracked changes in the edited document that Elevation returns.

Quality Guarantee


Pricing & Payment

Elevation's prices vary depending on the specifics of the document and the user's requests. Initial quoted prices can change if a document does not match the provided characteristics or if the user's requests change. Once a document is scheduled, the price will stay the same unless the circumstances change. All changes in price will be confirmed with the user via email before being applied. The invoice contains the final price.

Regarding payment, users can download a completed (edited) document only after paying the invoice in full. If a document has a price of $500 or more, Elevation may require that the user pay fifty percent (50%) of that price before starting work on the document, with the remaining balance to be paid after editing is complete (but before the user can download the completed document).



User Agreement

By requesting a quote, sending a document, or otherwise using this site, you agree to the terms in Elevation Editing's User Agreement (linked below). 

In brief, Elevation will keep your submitted documents and personal information confidential. Your contact information may be used to provide you with promotional emails and such but will not be shared with third parties. Please read the full agreement; if you have any questions, email

User Agreement


Ethical Restrictions

Elevation Editing reserves the right to reject any documents that are intended to be graded or otherwise judged based on the quality of the selected services for that document. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Tests, essays, assignments, and so on that will be graded primarily based on grammar, usage, or any other component of the Basic Editing service.

  • Any document submitted for Content Editing or Content Creation that will be graded or judged by a third party in any way.

  • Any document related to preparation for the Test of English as a Foreign Language or any similar test of English fluency or skill.

Except for the Content Editing and Content Creation services, Elevation Editing will never significantly rephrase, rewrite, or reword existing text (except as necessary to ensure proper grammar, clarity, and sentence structure), nor will it create significant new text.


If some or all of the text in a document seems to be copied without attribution from another source, Elevation will not edit that text and will flag it as needing proper attribution. Elevation will not alter the content of direct quotes aside from minor changes to ensure proper capitalization, punctuation, and flow. For quotations that the user has translated into English, Elevation will edit the text fully, provided that the user grants permission to do so and affirms that the translation is their own.

All Elevation Editing documents are returned with visible tracked changes. For legal liability reasons, documents cannot be returned "clean" (without tracked changes). In addition, Elevation may require that the user remove any pre-existing tracked changes in a document before editing it. These policies ensure clarity regarding exactly what changes Elevation did—and did not—make.



Privacy Policy

Elevation Editing takes the privacy of your information very seriously and takes all necessary precautions to secure your data, including SSL encryption. Your personal information and data will not be shared with third parties except as outlined in the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy (linked below) The information contained within submitted documents is considered confidential and will not be shared with anyone, ever.


All user documents will be deleted within one (1) year of the document's completion, or within ninety (90) days of the user deleting their membership—whichever comes first. Edited documents are available to download only for the first thirty (30) days after their completion; users can request copies of older (but not deleted) edited documents via email.



Intellectual Property

If you suspect that any user-generated information contained on the Elevation Editing website is in violation of your intellectual property rights, please read the Intellectual Property Rights document (linked below) for more information. Elevation works to ensure that all user-generated information conforms with all applicable laws.  Elevation also warrants that all site content (aside from user-generated content) is original or properly licensed.

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