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Price Estimator

What type of service do you need? (Probably Basic Editing)
How would you rate your ability to write in English?
What level of style do you need? ("Heavy Style" has formatting or 6+ references.)

All times are rounded up to the next 15-minute increment.

Important Note

The value given above is an estimate only. The actual cost of a document will vary based on its specific characteristics. Special requests and nonstandard services can also change the cost of a document, and coupons can be used to lower its cost. To request an official price quote, click the link below and then fill out the form.

Price Guide

This page describes the factors that affect the pricing of your document. You can read more below or see how they actually affect prices using the calculator on this page. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hourly Prices

To maximize flexibility and ensure that your document receives the attention that it deserves, Elevation Editing charges by the hour. The hourly rate varies based on how soon the document needs to be returned:

Unless otherwise arranged, all documents are returned by 6 p.m. (Mountain Time) on the day when they are due. The total cost is determined by multiplying the total editing time (after all adjustments) by the hourly rate. 


Base Editing Rates

A variety of factors affect the time needed to complete a document. The base rate is determined by the complexity of the editing. Most documents only need Basic Editing, which has an editing rate of 1500 words/hour.


Elevation also offers other services: Content Editing (750 words/hour) and Content Creation (250 words/hour).

Style Guides

Some documents require the application of a style guide. Applying such a guide adds time to your order; the added time depends on the extent of the style-related edits. A document with Light Style (no formatting required and at most 5 reference entries) requires 20% additional editing time, and one with Heavy Style (formatting and/or 6+ references) requires 40% additional editing time

All styled editing ensures the proper style of in-text parenthetical citations (as in APA, MLA, and some Chicago documents) or citation numbers (as in AMA and some Chicago documents), as well as adherence to the guide's specific capitalization, punctuation, abbreviation, quotation, numbering, and usage rules.

If you would like to use a style guide other than Elevation's 5 standard styles (APA, MLA, AMA, Chicago, and AP), that is fine. Just pay for an extra 30 minutes of service so that I can review the style guide. (You will need to provide a link to it.)

ESL or EFL Editing

Many people who write in English are not native speakers. Documents written by ESL/EFL speakers require extra care to ensure that the language sounds natural and clear; this increases the editing time. 


Most editing services do not provide ESL/EFL-focused editing services, and most editors lack experience in this area. I have edited many hundreds of  ESL/EFL documents, so you can be confident that I will take all the necessary steps to not just correct your grammar but also eliminate awkward phrasing and apply idiomatic English conventions. 

When I review your document, I will determine the level of extra ESL/EFL attention it needs. Light ESL/EFL documents require 20% additional editing time, and Heavy ESL/EFL documents require 40% additional editing time.

Add-On Services

Finally, Elevation Editing offers special services for certain kinds of documents. These services add a set amount to the total editing time (after any other increases are applied).

  • The Application Essay Help service adds  30 minutes. I use this time to provide you with advice to maximize your chances of having a successful application.

  • The Résumé/CV Help service adds 60 minutes. I use this time to ensure that your résumé or CV has clear formatting and concisely describes your qualifications, as well as to provide advice for how to improve it.

  • The Thesis/Dissertation Help service adds between 30 and 120 minutes (depending on length and complexity). I use this time to review your institution's specific requirements and to provide an analysis of your document's strengths and weaknesses.


If you have any questions related to Elevation Editing's pricing or services, please consult the links below or get in touch with me; during business hours, you can use the chat window in the lower right; otherwise, you can email me at

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